Registered participants

This page contains the list of registered participants. The list does not update in real-time. You can use the controls in the side panel to sort the list in various ways. The total number of registered participants is also visible in the side panel.

Adil Yazigi University of Eastern Finland
Aila Särkkä Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg
Albert Porcar-Castell University of helsinki
Alvaro Lau Wageningen University
Arthur Elmes University of Massachusetts Boston
Atticus Stovall NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Chang Su
Chao Zhang University of Helsinki
Crystal Schaaf University of Massachusetts Boston
Daniel Kükenbrink Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL)
Daniel Schraik Aalto University
Di Wang Aalto University
Eduardo Maeda University of Helsinki
Eetu Puttonen Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) in the National Land Survey of Finland
Eric Casella Forest Research (UK)
Evgeny Lopatin Natural Resources Institute Finland
Fabian Fischer EDB Toulouse
Filip Misic
Francesco Peri University of Massachusetts Boston
Günther Bronner Umweltdata
Hans Pretzsch Technical University of Munich
Hans Verbeeck Ghent University
Iñaki Urzainqui Natural Resources Institute Finland
Jan Eitel University of Idaho
Jari Perttunen Natural Resources Institute Finland
Jeff Atkins Virginia Commonwealth University
Jens Van der Zee Wageningen University
Jon Atherton University of Helsinki
Juhana Simula Helsinki University
Juho Niskala
Kaisa Nieminen Natural Resources Institute Finland
Kamil Kral
Kati Anttila Finnish Meteorological Institute
Kim Calders Ghent University
Lauri Mehtätalo University of Eastern Finland
Liisa Kulmala Finnish Meteorological Institute
Lisa Patrick Bentley Sonoma State University
Louise Terryn University of Gent
Man Hu University of Helsinki
Mari Myllymäki Natural Resources Institute Finland
Mariana Campos Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) in the National Land Survey of Finland
Markku Saarinen Natural Resources Institute Finland
Markku Åkerblom Tampere University
Martin Krůček The Silva Tarouca Research Institute
Martin Olivier National Research Institute for Development, France
Matheus Nunes University of Helsinki
Mathias Disney University College London
Mikko Kaasalainen Tampere University
Mikko Peltoniemi Natural Resources Institute Finland
Miro Demol Antwerp University / Gent University
Moritz Bruggisser TU Wien
Nikolay Strigul Washington State University
Ninni Saarinen University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland
Pasi Raumonen Tampere University
Pekka Kaitaniemi University of Helsinki
Peter Boucher University of Massachusetts Boston
Petri Varvia Tampere University
Phil Radtke Virginia Tech
Phil Wilkes UCL Geography & NERC National Centre for Earth Observation
Pierre Couteron National Research Institute for Development, France
Ploton Pierre National Research Institute for Development, France
Raphael Pelissier National Research Institute for Development, France
Richard Fournier University of Sherbrooke
Risto Sievänen Natural Resources Institute Finland
Samuli Junttila University of Helsinki
Sanna Kaasalainen Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
Simone Bianchi Natural Resources Institute Finland
Sruthi Moorthy Krishna Moorthy Parvathi Ghent University
Steven Hancock University of Edinburgh
Timo Pitkänen Natural Resources Institute Finland
Van Tho Nguyen Université de Sherbrooke
Viennois Gaelle National Research Institute for Development, France
Ville Luoma University of Helsinki
Yakubu Kunle Moibi Ministry of Forestry Abeokuta
Yifang Shi ITC
Yunsheng Wang Finnish Geo-spatial Research Institute
Zhen Li Sun Yat-sen University