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Bronner, Günther DeepDigitalForest Talk Downloadable
Günther Bronner1, Hanns Kirchmeir2, Manuela Hirschmugl3, Markus Hollaus4, Roland Wack5, Bernhard Groiss6 and Helga Fellner1
(1) Umweltdata GmbH, Wolfsgraben, Austria(2) E.C.O. GmbH, Klagenfurt, Austria(3) Joanneum research, Department of remote sensing and geoinformation, Graz, Austria(4) Department of geodesy and geoinformation, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria(5) Aeromap GmbH, Niederöblarn, Austria(6) Riegl laser measurement systems GmbH, Horn, Austria

Experiences with three-phase inventory designs based on ALS, UHD-ALS stripes and TLS in operational forest inventory (FI) services and monitoring of protection areas.

Traditional FI fieldwork is expensive, inaccurate and sometimes dangerous. As provider of FI services we use LIDAR-based methods to minimize fieldwork and maximize information retrieval for strategic decisions as well as for operational management.

Our current workflow is structured into the following tasks: i) Wall-to-wall air campaign with ALS and true orthophoto generation ii) Automatic segmentation into homogeneous stands iii) Identification of tree species groups (TSG) on segments from Sentinel iv) PPP / PPS inventory design based on LIDAR-metrics and TSG on segments v) Ultra-high-density ALS (>100 pulses/m²) campaign on stripes as an additional ground-breaking option, single tree segmentation on UHS-ALS stripes vi) Traditional FI fieldwork and / or TLS assessment on preselected sample plots vii) Determination of stock volume and estimation / modelling of forest dynamics viii) FI report and support of long-term management decisions (annual cut rate) ix) Model building and wall-to-wall interpolation of FI results (using ForestPointCloud as a flexible format for all kinds of forest- and/or tree-related information) x) Implementation of results for Android-App SmartForestTools supporting forest operation

The presentation will explain the applied methods, share practical experiences including costs, focus on shortcomings, depict biodiversity monitoring issues, highlight synergies with NFIs, sum up actual R&D activities, draft further outreaching ideas and line out the necessity and potential of single tree based growth modelling.